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Turkey Trot 2015

I spent yet another Thanksgiving morning doing a Turkey Trot. The Lancaster YMCA always puts on a pretty good one. It is part of our High Desert Runners’ Grand Prix Points Series. The competition is always tough. In the 50’s age bracket we now have Steve Brumwell, Erik Ruble, Joe Kim, Clay Patten, David Weary, Lance Close and others…. these are just the ones I can think of who have beaten me at one time or another. Of the above, David and Clay were not there. Erik had volunteered to be a pace group leader so he was not in it for the competition… yeah! Lance chose to run with Erik. So, sure enough Steve won the age group followed by Joe and then me…


I was actually only barely able to get third place. Kent Trenkle, who has been training with me on Tuesdays had gotten off to a fast start with his son Luke. I noticed Luke ahead of me the whole race but I had lost track of Kent. On 17th west, around the 2 mile mark I noticed him up there when he cross the road a bit early. The group of runners I was in followed, but I did it at a much more gradual angle. On J8 going over the freeway I caught him, right at the top. Coming down the other side I kept thinking I heard footsteps so I kept pushing. I held off the footsteps, but they turned out to belong to another, much younger man. Us HDR peeps enjoyed hanging out afterwards… all the pace group leaders sounded like they had fun…

Erik and Krysti Ruble, Scott Zeirman, Grant Barnett and Jim Haskett

Erik and Krysti Ruble, Scott Zeirman, Grant Barnett and Jim Haskett

My unofficial time was 24:19 –  about a 7:45 pace. Not bad…. I was unimpressed with the timing company they brought in. They had chips, but they did not post results as the runners were finishing. They did not post results even after most were done. They announced the age group winners, but got the overall female winner – Heather Worden, wrong.  I heard Alan Brown talking to them about missing him in the age group results…  A couple hours later and results are no where to be found online, not even at the timing companies site….

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