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Jingle Bell Jog… fun run

Today was Erick and Krysti Rubles first ever race as race director. They did an excellent job. I made sure I stayed nearby to be of help. The Gutierrezzes and a number of other volunteers helped out and the race went rather well! Erick took my suggestion at changing the race course. We moved the start line so that it was right outside the gym and used more of the parks pathways than the previous course. It also allowed us to not have to use the rather rough dirt roads and paths east of the park.

I went ahead and ran it. Looking at the competition I knew that a 5th place age group was about all I had a shot at. Steve Brumwell was there. Tony – the guy Chuck introduced me to a year or two ago was there as well. I figured he would be competition for Steve. Joe Kim is currently well ahead of me …. and I figured David Weary would be as well. On top of these 4 there were others to worry about – Lance, Nestor Ponce De Leon, Rob Perez, Kent Trenkle and plenty of unknown fiftish looking runners….

Sure enough Steve, Tony and Joe disappeared straight away. About a half mile in David went by. I spotted Ponce right behind me so I kept up full effort. Looking at my splits I maintained a remarkably steady pace, actually getting faster as the race went along: 7:58, 7:52, 7:49…. hmmm, I felt like I was slowing… but I did catch a few runners mid race…

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  1. Yes

    The race was well administrated and quite enjoyable !

    Thanks to the Rubles and Gutierrez’s and all who contributed to make it successful. Nice to see you out there in the trenches again Dale!

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