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HDR workout

Last Friday night at the check in for the Jingle Bell Jog, the Rubles, the Guttierrezzes and I agreed to do the 12 days of Christmas workout tonight. I, however, failed to publicize it. So, we’re waiting for next week. Since a few showed up expecting an eclectic mix of exercises as opposed to a straight forward speed workout, we did my Sweet 16 workout. It was actually Erik’s first time at it. We had fun. I made sure to not push the sprints too hard!

I did not go to the Clayve… Clay gave me a “prescription of exercises to do till the end of the month to hopefully get me Clayve ready for January:

I do these exercises to the amount corresponding to the date of the month. On Dec 7 do 7 of each on Dec 8 do 8 of each etc

Air squats

I do these exercises to the amount of half corresponding to the even dates of December. On Dec 8 you will do 4 on Dec 10 you will do 5 etc

Pull ups with band
Reverse Lunge or Val slide ea leg
Side leg lift in Side plank ea leg

I can’t say I have done every day, though…. gotta quit writing now and do today’s…… then sleep!

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