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Christmastime is here!

This is the last school week before Christmas… The school officials would probably rather that I say “Winter Break”, but no, it is the last week before Christmas! Consequently, we did two special Cross Country Club Christmas activities!

Wednesday we did our biannual run to Vince’s! I had a pretty good turn out with 22 Hillview runners, 2 or 3 injured (who drove and met us there), and 8 or 10 Alumni!  The funny thing about the alumni is that there was a group of boys – all currently at Quartz Hill High, and a group of girls – all currently at Highland. It was an uneventful, run… It was pretty sad, btw, to run by the now vacant campus of Antelope Valley Christian School. I started my teaching career there some 20 years ago. And now it is closed!

Yesterday, we did the 12 Days of Christmas workout! This is a workout which follows the pattern of the 12 Days of Christmas song. 1 of these, then 2 of those and 1 of these, then 3 and 2 and 1, etc. Here is the list:

20151218_072017I have had groups do this or similar workouts before, but I have not been healthy enough to attempt it myself. This was my first time. I did it but I was VERY exhausted when I was done! The 12 Diagonal Backstops is a run of about a mile and a half, and I pushed the pace to get ahead of some of the girls that were quicker than me on some of the excercises. After the run you have to go back through the list one last time…. it was brutal… When I got to the burpees I could hardly stand, let alone jump!

Today, however, I do not seem to be especially sore… still early though, we’ll see tomorrow.

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