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Another race, just because…

I headed to Rosamond this morning to do a small 5k- the Reindeer Run. It was put on by Caleb Shroeder who coaches there at the high school. Part of my thinking was just that I like doing these little 5ks and part of my thinking was that even in my present state of relative slowness maybe I could place pretty high. I got a top 5 finish in a Rosamond race a year or two back…

Such thoughts quickly disappeared, nay, reversed when I got there. There were not many runners, but those that I saw included Justin Patananan, Christian Powers, Steve Brumwell, Joe Kim, and a bunch of High School boys…. I looked around and thought to myself, “I could finish last!” Then I saw Joe and Kathy Diorio…. Scott Zeirman arrived as well though I was not so sure which of us would be faster…

As race time neared the group began to look more typical…. We started off and I could see Justin, Steve, Caleb and some of the boys heading out to the front. Joe was not too far back. I settled in behind what appeared to be the lead girl in the race. On the uphill and the trails I fell back a bit from her but on the downhill I caught her and a young man she was running with. I also noted at several of the corners that Scott was an ever present presence about 30 meters behind me.  The girl passed me back and then I passed her again as we neared mile two. I got a chance for a glance on a right turn and it looked like my lead over Scott stretched to 50 or 60.

I was feeling done on the last part. The girl and her friend pulled away with a quarter to go. I could see Scott was a little closer. We pulled onto the track for half a lap. Going around the curve Scott was maybe 40 meters back. I gave it all I had for the final 100 and finished just a few seconds ahead of him….  He did well, winning the 60 plus age group. Justin of course won. Steve won the 50s. Kathy won the 60s female group. Oh, and June Heaton who has been awol for a year or so now was there and she won the 50s women group.

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So, I did not place… well I was probably 3rd in the 50s group but only 1 award was given. And with such a small number of finishers it will not be worth many grand prix points… but still it was a fun morning and a good extra effort tempo run!

But I gotta start adding some miles…. and some riding…..

Oh, and the aftermath of the Hillview 12 Days of Chistmas workout was minimal… not too sore…. but it probably slowed me down a bit today… I felt especially dead legged on the uphills.

Clay, I have been real good this week with your workout… 19 reps of push ups, plank ups and air squats today.


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