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Saturday I ran on the PCT. It has been a number of weeks since I have done so. Last time was 11/14. Thanksgiving week I was going to stretch out to 10, but circumstances prevented me. Then I had my cataract  surgery – and a forced cut back… Then there was the Jingle Bell Jog and the Rosamond Reindeer Run 5ks occupying my Saturdays… So, it has been a 5 week back step as far as longer runs go.

Side note… it seems strange talking about an 8 miler like it is some epic long run….

Saturday, I wanted to go at least 8 and get back to where I had left off. I posted on facebook my desire to do so. I was thinking of doing the typical Bouquet Canyon run, but Janet Dempsey posted that she was running the PCT south from Soledad Canyon. Oscar picked me up and we went to meet her there. We were a bit late, but we found her car and then headed up the trail.

It is a nice trail – less rocky than many of the others I have done. The first 3/4 mile was a pretty big climb. Than it leveled off went down and then continues upward till just past 2 1/2 miles.  Then we dropped down for a while. There may be less Strava competition on this part of the trail but it was fun to find 5 Strava medals on my site.

(today’s morning Hillview run was cancelled as I spent my entire night – 10 pm to 8 am taking my dad to ER and back home again. Then I slept most of the day…)

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