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New Year – New Beginning

As I mentioned in my post yesterday… Yesterday I was not well. I had chills… I actually don’t seem to have a thermometer in the house, but I can safely assume I was fighting a fever. Fortunately, it did not seem to affect my stomach… I was pretty gassy yesterday – burping, but that is about it. Still as New Years Eve wore along I was feeling more chilled, more head achy… I went to bed at 8.

At midnight the sound of the neighborhood revelers woke me up. I was confused for a moment wondering if someone were shooting a gun nearby. I glanced at my watch, saw 12:00 and remembered what day it was. Then it hit me… my chill and headache seemed to be gone! I went back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, still not feeling feverish I thought maybe, I could make the Hangover run after all! I almost talked myself out of it in the name of caution, but at the last moment I got dressed and headed to Vasquez Rocks County Park for the run.

If you saw the Strava running video in yesterday’s post you saw that my longest run all year last year was 8 miles. Since I did 8 last week with Oscar I figured I could beat it today. Lots of runners showed up, maybe not the 100+ of the previous couple of years. At 8:30 ish people started to go. I was very good at being non competitive. I let people run away from me, I let people pass me. At the official turn around point I stopped for a few minutes. Nestor, Rob Perez, Cindy Hendrix and David Sell all showed up within a few minutes.

(more pictures coming when the others get them to me)


David, Rob and Nestor headed back to the start.  I continued along the path further. Cindy followed me to the 4 mile mark. The saddle was at 4.2. I turned around there. Back at the official turn around there is a side path up a steep hill. On my way back I went up it and continued past it to the top of an even higher hill. This was higher than all the surroundings and it was pretty breezy and cold. There was a nice view of the AV Freeway.


By the time I got back to the main trail it seemed everyone else had headed back. There were just two ladies approaching the top moments after I left and then Alan Brown, still on his way up a few minutes later. I had the trail pretty much to myself. I did catch a few stragglers, including Glenn Hattori. I recognized him as he was exiting the tunnel up ahead of me. I called out “Hi Glen” and he whipped around and got some video footage of me coming out of the tunnel behind him.

I continued back to the start running just a tad past the starting line in order to stop my watch right at 9 miles! So on January 1, I have already exceeded last year’s long run by a mile and last year’s biggest Strava Suffer Score – today 163, last year 127. Woo Hoo!

Here is a link to the STRAVA LABS version of the run. It is pretty cool to see the relative position of all those who uploaded to Strava.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I finished. All the snacks spread out on the table did not look appealing the way they normally do. I had a glass of OJ and sat for a bit. I started feeling a bit iffy so I headed home.

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