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1485 to go….

I went to Marie Kerr Park to meet with my Hillview Running Club Runners.  For some reason participation over this break has been VERY sparse. I have had anywhere from 0 to 2 runners show up!? I am thinking that they are not interested in the “early” morning cold…  Anyway, one of my 8th grade boys showed up and we went for a trail run. We got in almost 6 miles…

This is the second time I have named a run – Run to the Pacific – (I have been sort of expecting someone to ask about the name.) This gives me 15 miles for the year. Since it is a new year I have been thinking about goals. I am thinking that 1500 is a reasonable goal if I remain healthy. I typically run at least 4 times with my students and 1 with the HDR club. If this accumulates to 20 all I need is 10 on the weekend for 30 per week which would put me over 1500.

The years of 2009 – 2012 were all way more, ranging from 2011 in 2011 to 2400 in 2010. I did not Elliptigo any of these years, however. I figure Elliptigo miles probably equate to running miles on a 2 to 1 basis. When I ride the GO I get similar heart rates to running, but I GO about twice as fast as I run. So if I add 2000 GO miles I should exceed the 2400 mile total – at least in calorie burn and workouts for the heart.

This is not to say that I should be as good of a marathoner as I was then, I would be missing on a lot of the specific marathon training workouts that I was doing back then.  But this year I am not trying to run a marathon. I am trying to get in shape. I have seen some of my recent pictures and I don’t like what I see. I want to get trim again. Maybe even trimmer… 150 would not be too low for me.

2000 GO miles will not be easy. That is unless I commute on it EVERY SCHOOL DAY.  There you have it… a plan. I have to commute by Elliptigo to school all 180 days OR make up those miles elsewhere…  Hmmm. that would save a significant chunk of change as well….

Now then, when do I get in some road bike cycling work? I would like to try a century again this year….. My plan needs a little tweaking….

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