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Rainy Week in Palmdale

That’s my excuse anyway…. Well, it was not that bad of a week. My last post included Monday’s 6 mile run. Tuesday was the HDR track workout, being held at Marie Kerr Park.  8 hearty (crazy?) souls came out to the park….

IMG_4905In the hours preceding the run the run, the rain had stopped and the sun had come out but by 6 pm it was threatening. I really expected NO ONE to show up. But the 8 of us did.  Since the trails were muddy and since it was beginning to sprinkle I opted for a Sweet 16 workout after looping to the pool area parking lot. There are some solar panels over some of the parking so we could have some protection. Sure enough, 2 or 3 drills into it, it started coming down pretty hard. We ended up circling around under one of the covers. 3 or 4 drills later it suddenly stopped. We completed the workout going back and forth across the lot. We got some funny glances from those who were arriving to the pool… wait… did they swim in the rain?

Yesterday I was planning a run with the HV kids, but I needed to get some medicine for Cheryl. Only 1 kid showed up. I cancelled the run and took care of my wife…. She has suddenly came down with migraines (?) or something as yet undetermined. Very painful, very frustrating.

Today that same one student showed up and we did our Marie Kerr to the Bunny Hill to McDonalds run. It was a nice morning. No clouds, not too breezy. Cold, but the cold actually helped, because the mud we were running on was frozen and therefore, not so muddy.

R: 25 Down 1475 to go.
E: 0 down 2000 to go
C: O down…..

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