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Stepping Up the training…

Priority #1 right now is to lose weight…. So, I have stepped up the volume of my training.

Sunday I made it to the Clayve for the first time since before the eye surgery on December 1. I have been doing some exercises suggested by Clay so it was not such a big shock on my body. I managed to avoid getting sore in the glutes and quads, where the Clayve typically does me in, but my abs have been shot since Sunday….

I finished the first full week of 2016 with 25 miles..

Monday I rode the Elliptigo to and from school – 12 miles round trip. Riding the Go at 6:30 a.m. in January is a bit chilly but I am finding the right combination to do it.

  • My running shorts and underwear with athletic long pants over them. Only 1 layer on the legs but 3 up higher.
  • 2 short sleeve running shirts plus 1 long sleeve shirt – tech fabric stuff with a hoodie over that. 4 layers for my core.
  • Running sleeves are usually a good addition too.
  • The hood of the hoodie goes under my cycling helmet.
  • Full fingered cycling gloves with a second larger fluffier pair over them.

All week it has been right at 32 or 33 for the ride and this seems to work just fine. I have noticed ice at some of the intersections so I am being careful…

Tuesday, I was all dressed for the go, but I could not find my classroom key. I searched for 20-25 minutes, thus eating up my GO time. I finally decided (correctly) that I had probably left it in my classroom. I drove to school.

After school we had the Hillview Runnning Club practice. Tuesdays are typically speedwork days. We played a little sharks and minnows to warm up. (I had to do 10 burpees when caught and it was terribly brutal given my sore abs.)  Our workout was 1,2,3,4,5…. 1 minute fast, 1 minute walk, 2 minutes fast, 1 minute walk, 3 minutes fast, 2 minutes walk, 4 minutes fast, 2 minutes walk and 5 minutes fast. This was a total of 15 minutes at 5k to 10k effort. We walked a cool down.

In the evening  8 or 10 HDR runners showed up at Marie Kerr Park for a workout. I assigned the same workout above adding a 6 minute interval on the end. We warmed up and did all our intervals looping the field closest to the skate park. Erik Ruble was out in the lead. He lapped me before we were done. David Weary, who has not been to one of these in years, was next. He and i stayed close most of the time. He ran the intervals faster, but i jogged the recoveries and caught him. Krysti Ruble and Kathy Diorio, I believe stayed in the same lap as us. On the last segment David and I lapped Rob Perez and Nestor Ponce De Leon. Jesse Williams, Alan Brown, Clare Durand and Bev O’Neal were out there as well. Joe Diorio was there just jogging steadily.


This morning, Wednesday, I got up extra early figuring I would try to make up some of the Elliptigo miles I missed yesterday…. as I write this, that sounds preposterous.  I doubled up speed workouts, doing 36 minutes of hard effort running. It was probably a good thing I did not ride the GO yesterday.

Still, I set out at 6 am to twist and turn my way to Hillview. I was certainly fatigued and did not maintain my typical pace. Still I managed a 10 mile GO ride to Hillview.

After school I ran a slow 4 with the team, letting them get away from the school up to the aqueduct and back. There is one particular hill I have been letting the kids name when they get there. First one there names it. Today the first group of boys chose to name it Rucker’s Ridge in memory of Justin. I don’t suppose it will ever change names again.

After practice I rode the GO home….

Running = 47 down / 1453 to go

GO = 28 down / 1472 to go

Cycling = 0 down / 1500 to go

Weight trending back downward after an upswing in December
= 187.6 lbs / 37.6 to go

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