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Master’s College 5K

I have been eyeing the Master’s College 5k for several years. Something has always interfered so I had not run it. But it seemed like it would be a nice race. This morning, I was free so I headed down to participate.

I failed to preregister and it payed off.  When I registered at the race, the young lady taking my money mentioned that there was $10 off for students, staff and alumni of the college. It just so happens that I am an alumni –  Bachelors in Organizational Leadership, degree continuation program, 1996!  So I accepted the discount!  I don’t think I would have got that online… well, maybe I would have.

When I was registering the presence of High school and College runners was very conspicuous. There were many with Master’s College jerseys on. I saw the High school teams of Saugus and Canyon, and a couple of smaller student groups as well. The presence of other adults was very thin… I was thinking I could be one of only 2 or 3 or so Master’s runners out there! Uh oh…

I did a nice 2 mile warm up and familiarized myself with most of the course.

When they called everyone to the start line, the make up of the crowd changed. They had a nice wide start line on the right field foul line of the baseball field. All the teams were up on the line. Behind the teams there was a good 100 plus adult runners waiting. I struck up a conversation with a couple of them proposing that most of the adults must have been waiting in their cars!  I had noticed a number of adults sitting in their cars earlier, and it was a cool morning…

As the race started I felt it rather remarkable how fast everyone seemed to be going. There were some ladies who took off ahead of me. There was a gray haired guy pulling away from me. The youth were disappearing quickly.  As I settled into my pace though, I begun to have fun. One by one I was passing people. One guy passed me at about a mile, but other than that I was the passer, not the passee! I did the first mile, slightly uphill, partly on a semi soft dirt path in 7:43. I did mile 2 which started up, but then mostly slightly down, all on the dirt path in 7:42. By mile 3 I felt myself ease off just a tad. I felt maxed out. I still caught one or two more, including one guy that looked to possibly be in my age group.

As you get back to the baseball field you run by the corner gate and then go all the way around the block before running into it. I saw runners heading in already. I saw one guy who was clearly 60 to 70 heading into the gate! I spoke with him after, he ran 19:20! Nearing the gate I began to hear footsteps. I was worried about the age group guy I had just passed. It turned out to be a couple of High School or college girls who had a much better kick than me. Still, I found a little more and picked up the turnover noticeably once inside the gate.

Speaking of cadence, my Garmin 620 records the cadence. I held on pretty good in the upper 170s most of the race – spiking to 190+ for the finish! Ideal cadence for most runners seems to be around 180 so I will need to work on this.


After the race I hung around quite a while waiting for results. They did not post any.  There seemed to be a number of guys who could have been in my age group and some of them could have beat me, but I just did not know. I figured I had a good shot at placing. When they finally began the announcements they were only issuing a prize for first place! The prize was not a medal, but a gift certificate to Runners Wearhouse! I almost started to head for the car, but I’d waited that long…. When they got to Men 50 – 59 they called me!

Woo Hoo!  $10 Alumni Discount! $10  Prize! 6 points in the Grand Prix Points contest!


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