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My feet feel good! I think I’ll go to Boston?

The other day I got out of bed in the morning and I realized that my feet have not been hurting lately.  It think the morning achiness slowly lessened and lessened until it was gone. It has probably been gone for awhile now. Yeah!! Taking stock of where I am healthwise I find my self in a similar position to 2008. I had a long period of little or no training. I was overweight. I was recovering from achiness issues.

Back then I was also trying really hard to get myself into position to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. In 2008 I lost the weight. I trained through the winter of 2008 – 2009 and had a break through, 30 minutes off my PR, 9 minutes quicker than BQ, marathon at Surf City….

Somehow, the other day, maybe a week or more ago, the idea of trying to qualify for Boston crept back into my mind. I turn 54 in March and the next Boston Marathon I could qualify for is the 2017 version. I would be 55 before it so I would have to qualify by the 55 age group standard of 3:40… Seeing as how my last marathon was 3:15, I am thinking that should not be that difficult.

Of course, my latest long run is only 10… and this morning I weighed 186. In order to try to qualify I have to get the proper miles in AND drop at least 20 pounds. I would have to do all this before the mid September registration period. I would have to run my BQ attempt in late August or early September. I have never been a great warm weather runner… this will be iffy.

Looking at the possible places to make my attempt, two come to mind. The Santa Rosa marathon is August 28. It is listed as on the Boston site as a top qualifier. It is out and back and even in the summer the Bay area is reasonable temperature wise. The other option would be to fly to Salt Lake (I have lots of Southwest points) and run the Big Cottonwood Revel marathon. This is one of those point to point drop 5000 feet races. It is in September, likely the day before registration opens…

I have mapped out a conservative training plan all the way to Santa Rosa… though the Rubles are talking Cottonwood and might get me to change my mind…

I did some calculations to see if any of this is reasonable. If you take my 23:58 5k (which was on a slow course) and use it to calculate my VO2, and then adjust the VO2 by way of loss of excess body fat, and then put the adjusted VO2 back into the calculator I’d be well under 21 minutes for a 5k. That same VO2 comes in under 3:30 for a marathon. 7 months of training will give me lots of room to spare!

As for current training?  Tuesday I did the same workouts as last Tuesday. The Hillview team ran 1,2,3,4,5 with me… in the rain. And then in the evening the HDR people ran 1,2,3,4,5,6 with me at Marie Kerr park.  Yesterday I rode the GO to and from Hillview. The team and I ran the 5.5 mile Mt. Rite Aid run.

This weekend I plan to stretch my long run up to 13.1 by doing the Run to Remember Half in Los Angeles. I will NOT be running for any particular time. I will be running to finish. I expect to be around 2 hours or so.

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling good. Sounds like a good plan. Making Boston a goal will give you a good reason to stay focus. I have witnessed first hand your mental toughness and ability to grind out the long runs. I know you can do it.

    Best wishes with your training and weight loss!

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