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PR on the off day!

I took today off from running. Instead I rode the GO (Elliptigo) to and from school as usual. The morning ride was pretty good. I was stuck for a couple of minutes at the corner of Highland and Bulldog – aka 25th West and P8.  My Garmin pauses when I stop moving but STRAVA does not stop the clock when considering Strava Segment records. I wasn’t even close anyway.

What I am noticing with the Elliptigo is an extreme sensitivity to wind patterns. For example riding home, the first section is downhill on Bolz Ranch road then there is a slight down then slight up on Towncenter.  Most days I can really fly on Bolz ranch. Most days there is a wind that is at least partially from the west. This afternoon I believe it was from the north east. When I passed the fire station the flag was straight down, but I was certain of a lack of help heading northeast (Bolz ranch) and a slight hindrance heading due east on Towncenter. Turning South onto Rancho Vista which is slighty steeper felt a little easier.

With not enough wind to move the flag, I was moving fairly well up 30th. Sure enough I set an Elliptigo PR on this section.

Yesterday, I ran an easy 3.5 with the HIllview team. We included a number of Partner Tortures which included lots of plank ups, sit ups, side plank leg lifts, burpees…. and I did pull ups when I got home.

This morning – 185.6

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