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Run to Remember

That is the name of the race, but it has an extra significance for me….

My goal for the half marathon this morning was to finish it. That’s it – finish. If you’ve been following my blog you know that the longest run I ran all 2015 was 8 miles. On Jan 1 of this year I stretched that out to 9. On the 9th I made it to 10 running in the mountains with Erik and Krysti. The last time I ran 13 or more was August 31 of 2014. I ran 16 that day on an ill advised run over Goode. (Ill advised because I jumped from 13 to 16, ran too fast on the downhill, and overall pushed the pace way too much.) So today, stretching from 10 to 13 made me a little nervous.

I lined up with the 2 hour pace group. A 2 hour half is about 9 minutes per mile which should be a rather comfortable long run pace even in my current condition. As the race began I stayed with the group for about a half mile. I was feeling good and just let myself get into a comfortable rhythm. My watch beeps a split at every half and I kept seeing splits between 4:10 and 4:20 though. Several times I consciously backed off fearing the last three miles.

The course was interesting. At one point it took a detour through a studio lot. In general it was heading North and East almost always uphill – never too steep but uphill nonetheless. When it finally turned around, the downhill felt pretty good. The paces continued in the low 8s per mile. I just kept cruising till the beginning of mile 13. At this point I realized that a quick enough last mile might get me in under 1:50 so I began to push the pace. I kept pushing pretty hard for half a mile – I saw a sub 8 split. I figured though that I was being stupid pushing so hard on legs not accustomed yet to the distance. I eased back off a bit and cruised in. Official time 1:50:09

20160124_090034 (1)

I averaged an 8:24 pace.

This morning I weighed in at 186. I plugged 1:50:09 into a VO2 max calculator and got 40.3 liters O2 per Kg body mass. If I reduce my body mass by 9% to 170 pounds that number will change to 44.0 liters O2 per Kg. Plugging that 44.0 back into the race calculator yields a 1:42 Half Marathon. What this is saying is that in my current condition, if I were 9% lighter I’d already be that much faster. The equivalent Marathon time for the 1:42 is a 3:32. What this tells me is I simply need to lose the weight and get myself trained to race 26 and I should easily be able to run a Boston Qualifier of under 3:40.

Of course, as I do the training, there will be additional positive affect…

This is very encouraging.  This is a run to remember as I begin my quest to get back into shape to qualify for Boston.

Others I saw out there today included Grant Barnett – He PRd at 1:31:54, Erik Ruble – He ran it at Marathon goal pace as a training run for LA in a couple weeks. Krysti Ruble, Oscar and Dora Guttierrez all ran at Krysti’s marathon goal pace somewhere around 1:55 I believe. Joe Kim was out there as well running sub 1:35.


My weekly totals are 30 miles running and 36 on the GO

My goal for next week is the same… I am easing upward VERY cautiosly.

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