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Recovery Week

The Run to Remember Half Marathon got me a bit sore. And since I am trying my best to follow the advice I would give other runners in my position, I have avoided putting in any hard workouts this week.

I was too wiped out to Clayve Sunday after the race and Tuesday I was at my peak of soreness so no Clayve then either. I took Monday completely off, though Cheryl and I did walk 2 laps (3 + miles) in the mall. Tuesday the team did a bunch of 1 and 2 minute intervals. I jogged them easily for a 2.7 mile run. Tuesday night I coached the HDR workout but I did not run it.

Wednesday I rode the GO to and from school and the Hillview kids ran with me on our Mt Rite Aid run – 5.5 miles. Thursday got in another GO commute with just 3 miles with the team.

Today, I woke up and the first thing I noticed is that it was warmer outside. I have a clock that projects the time and outside temperature on the ceiling. It said 58. Lately it has been consistently in the 30s at sunrise. When I did a double check on I noticed high winds. I almost decided to forego the GO but the afternoon prediction was 18mph from the North west! I figured it would be fun to ride home all the way with a tailwind!

So, I got on the GO and headed off. It wasn’t really any harder. I just shifted to lower gears. So I went slower. It took 34:21, probably 5 minutes slower than any other recent ride to school.


After school I had a couple of new students so we had to stay near campus. I always stay near to campus with newbies in case they fail miserably and cannot hang with the group. We did my Sweet 16 workout.  I did this once a few weeks ago in the rain on a Tuesday night, but other than that it has been a while. It felt really hard. My legs were dead. I was feeling the burn at various times during the workout.  I finished exhausted…. but still had to ride the GO home.

After some time to stretch and send the kids home I headed home. The wind was pretty good, but it shifted a little to the West. It was no help heading south on 30th. But the extra push helped at other times and I ended up with my second fastest time on my “GO HOME” segment on Strava.

Part of the cause for the exhaustion could be my success this week at weight loss. Last week I was pretty consistently good and I watched my weight just hang there. It went 186.6, 186.5, 186.4 (last Friday), 187.2, (no measure Sunday before the race), 186.4 Monday.

Wednesday, suddenly it read 184.0, then 183.0, then 182.0 this morning! 25 or so to go!

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