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Disappointing last run of the month.

My goal was to do an easy 13 miler over the weekend. I almost got out the door yesterday, but somehow my watch was dead, when it should have been fully charged. The charger turns the watch ON while charging so maybe it became unplugged and drained itself.  I could have just used a phone app, but when I have no running partner I find excuses pretty easily… and I had all weekend.

So this morning I made plans for a destination run. I had a change of clothes and my guitar in my wife’s car so I could run to church. I got up and could hear the wind howling through the bathroom vent. There was a forecast of rain, but it had not yet started.

The church is only about 5 miles, so I headed off in the opposite direction. I ran past Highland over towards Vons. I was running comfortably except when there was a strong crosswind.  The wind was from the South or Southwest (it seemed to vary.)  Going past the Chevron station a gust of wind blew my left foot into the right mid-stride.  I recovered without falling but it knocked me onto the grass. I looped down O8 and south on 30th. The wind was tough going south. I ran behind Highland to 25th to Elizabeth Lake road. That bridge on 25th was a crazy place. The wind was coming out of the canyon. It nearly stopped me once and it gust actually forced me off the sidewalk into the street. Once on Elizabeth Lake/Palmdale Blvd heading East I figured the hard part was done….

But no, Palmdale Blvd from 10th West to Sierra Hwy actually runs in a Southeasterly direction. I was fighting a crosswind the whole way. Sweat dripping from my hat seemed to disappear horizontally. At just about 11 miles my right calf suddenly started to hurt. It was not a cramp… well unless maybe a small part of the muscle can cramp.  It forced me to stop. I tried to stretch it out but I could not run anymore without limping. So I called Cheryl to get me on her way to church….. 😦

Hours later I cannot find an especially tender, sore to the touch area, it just feels very tired, and somewhat sore… It is in the main part of the calf, I am hoping it is not too serious..

January ends with 112 miles running in 18 hours 37 minutes and 112 miles Elliptigoing in 9 hours 7 minutes!
Nope, I did not plan it that way….
Notice the nearly 2 to 1 ration of time to miles.
I have noticed that my heart rate is not quite as high on the GO, maybe 115 compared to 130 or so.


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