GOing GOod

The GOod news is that ElliptiGOing does not bother my calf…

So I rode to School this AM.  It was my 3rd fastest all time on the GO.

After school I rode as the kids ran over to Wyngate Circle. This is one of those straight up streets sandwiched between Rancho Vista Blvd and the Aqueduct. The hill measures about .16 going up so  about 1/6 mile.  Strava lists is at an average grade of 10%. All I know is that I had to GO in my lowest gear and the kids…. almost ALL of them were running it faster than I could GO up it. After several reps I figured there was no way I’d make 12…. but I did…. and they did! They got in an awesome workout.  My intervals ranged from 1:46 to 2:22 so I figure i got in the equivalent of 12 * 400 (+) all uphill!

After the team workout I rode home.

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