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Nutty Runners 5k – should have known better?

Saturday was the 7th running of the Nutty Runners 5k – an event that I established and continue to direct. After last weeks calf scare I took the whole week off. I tested it a bit on Tuesday and it was definitely not run worthy. Wednesday and Thursday it felt a little iffy so I rested it. Friday was prerace check in so I was busy at Vince’s registering runners.

I would have skipped running the race, but there is a team competition between the schools within the Westside School district. This competition is for staff and spouses only. Like a cross country race, the school with the fastest 5 wins. Hillview has not yet been defeated. I am still one of the fastest teachers so I felt it was important to go out and run for the team.

I started cautiously and the calf felt fine. My former Principal Rob Garza was next to me and he has never beat me, so I eased ahead of him a bit. Then I saw my new assistant coach Larry Oman. He does not run much (though he is much thinner than me) I caught him a half mile in. Next ahead was one of my 6th grade boys. I caught him around a mile and a half and eased by. Coming out of the dirt parking lot the calf started to feel iffy so I backed off and let the student go. Approaching two miles it really tightened up. I slowed way down and sort of shuffled the last mile.

I was passed by Rob, then Larry, then some more students, Kathy Diorio, Carmen Albanes, Nestor, Rob Perez…. some asked if I was okay as they went by… oh well, 26:44 on the Garmin…

It was pretty sore yesterday, but is feeling much better today. I think I will see if elliptigoing bothers it tomorrow… I want to train through it rather than stop cold turkey  again…

The race was a hugh sucess… I think the total registrations were in the 270s!  Woo Hoo!  And Hillview won the fastest team award!

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  1. Glad to hear that Nutty Runners 5K was a huge success. Congratulations on another Hillview team award. Does winning ever get old?

    I was afraid that your calf issue was the reason for not posting. Hopefully, running the race will not cause you to much down time. Best wishes!

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