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Team Ninja Warrior

The last few years I have been watching American Ninja Warrior. I am awed by the strenght, the power, the overall fitness of these athletes. This year one of my former Hillview runners – Tiana Webberly made it onto the show. During the regular competitions at Venice she competed and went out on the 2nd or 3rd obstacle. The showed her just briefly as one of their “while we were away” competitors after a commercial break. I spotted her a number of times later in the season as she was hanging around with her friend and coach – one of the stars – Flip Rodriguez.

Currently they are airing a new version of the show called Team Ninja Warrior. Flip was selected captian. He chose Tiana along with another male competitor JJ for his team. Their first round comptition aired Tuesday. As I have been following her progress through facebook, Tiana invited me to a viewing party at Vince’s Tuesday night. It was awesome. She was awesome. In the two preliminary rounds she bested her female competitors helping her team go to the relay final… In the final, she got a lead so big her teammates just had to hold on!

Click the link to see her lead the team finale on the Esquire Channel site!  I believe you can watch the full episode there….

You will want to watch the full episode. Earlier she became only the 5th woman to make it up the warped wall!!


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