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Two steps forward!

one step back…

Tuesday I gave running a try. I ran with the HDR peeps at the HDR track workout. We did 5 x 4 minutes. My goal was to keep it to an 8 min/mile pace but as the reps went along I often went faster. On the fourth rep I was feeling a little unconfident about my calf, like just maybe I was feeling something. So, number 5 was much slower – 9 min/mile pace.

Afterwards I went to the Clayve – oh, Sunday, i went to the Clayve as well. My upper abs were sore from Sunday but I went on Tuesday anyway. The workout went pretty smoothly but my calf was feeling tired, though not pained when I was done.

Wednesday I figured I should just ride the Elliptigo. I rode it to school and felt really good. It was my second fastest ride to school ever on the GO.

After school, it was raining. A couple of my runners showed up asking if there would be a run… I love to run in the rain. So I did. I felt great for 4 1/4 miles and then the calf started to feel it. I stopped immediately and walked. I noticed that walking loosened it up. I walked a light pole and ran very easy for 4 or 5 the rest of the way back to school. It was a little sore the rest of the evening.

I had to ride the GO home, in the rain. The wind was getting strong by the time I made it home. The drops were stinging my face a bit. The Elliptigo, though handled nicely. I took corners slowly but otherwise felt in control.

It is 90% better today.
With the wind (20 plus with gusts way above that) and rain at 6:30 I foregoed the GO this AM. I will take a day of complete rest.

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