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Running on Wheels

After last Wednesdays setback:

Thursday it was pretty bothersome so I rested. Friday it felt good enough to ride the Elliptigo, but I had to drive to school. (Hillivew had the largest staff participation of any Westside school so we earned a free luncheon…. I had to bring supplies.)

Saturday was the Get Fit 5k. I had registered to run it, but I could still feel the calf a little bit. Instead of running it, I timed it. I got teased for earning my 5 points the easy way….

I am concerned about stepping too far backward in my training and fitness progression. I ran a half a few weeks ago and I want to be building on that endurance rather than sliding backwards. So after church I headed out on the Elliptigo.

My goal was simple: 2 hours. I headed my normal route to Hillview and continued down 45th west north of Ave N. I made a right on M8 and decided to explore the area between 45th, 35th, N and M8. There are some really nice homes in this area and it is pretty flat. It was starting to get windy, however. I happened by the Rubles house and they were out doing yardwork. I stopped for a minute and said hi. I continued Eastward circling around till I had gone an hour.

Then I simply reversed my path. Of course this took me back by the Rubles, some 45 – 50 minutes later, I imagine. They were still out in the yard. I was out of water so I imposed upon them and they graciously obliged. Heading back past Hillview, toward home, an hour and a half into the ride, I was feeling great! I had a favorable wind and I was pushing it! I set a new PR (actually a King of the Mountain – though I have no competitors) on the GO HOME segment. I also set an Elliptigo PR on the Towncenter Sprint segment. I set my #2 time on the School to Fire Station segment and the steep climb up 15th to Date Palm! Woo Hoo!

I GOed 26.5 miles which I believe is #5all time for distance….

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