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Saturday in the Park – all steps forward this week!

It has been a good week so far:

Sunday, after the 26.5 mile GO ride, I headed over to the Clayve and got in a cross fit workout! With Clay’s help I am finding the balance between enough and too much.

Tuesday I did the HDR track workout. We did partner intervals. My partner was Jim Haskett. We got into a heated battle with Krysti and Kathy. Krysti was able to get ahead of Jim, but then I would catch up with Kathy. We went back and forth. I could tell Krysti really wanted to “win” but since Kathy and I were last…… and I thought Erik was the uber competitive one…. look who’s talking… I tried to find the balance between fast enough to get us a lead and not so fast that it would strain my calf again. I succeeded.

After the Workout I did the Clayve again. I can’t remember what we did, but I recall it seemed to work my hip adductors a lot, and they were already feeling sore from the long GO ride and/or Sunday’s Clayve.

Wednesday I rode the GO to a teacher’s training day at the District Office near 50th West and Ave M. The other teachers and the instructor were all very inquisitive about the  GO when they saw me ride up on it.  I have added a handle bar bag that makes commuting much easier. I took a lunch cooler bag and with my wife’s sewing skills, we remade the straps into handlebar attachments. Now it can hold my typical round 3 item lunch container and clothing items….

You may notice the AAF symbol on the container. It was a freebie I received at one of the LA84/Mt Sac coaches training clinics!

Thursday I GO-d, I ran, and I Clayved. 12 mile GO round trip to school, 4 mile easy run with the kids – staying close to the school in case my calf acted up, and a rare Thursday night Clayve workout!

Friday I ran another 4 and I felt confident to wander away from school a little farther. We did our 4 mile Rucker Run!

Today, my goal was at least 8 but preferably 10. I noticed when climbing yesterday that I was not so confident in the calf. So I opted for 10 miles on pancake flat dirt – Marie Kerr Park loops. The calf did great. My adductors did great. By the end my legs were just pretty thoroughly tired. This run, along with yesterday’s were the first using my new Garmin Forerunner 630 watch. I have embedded the data from Garmin Connect below. Take a look at all the data it acquires: heart rate, cadence, stride length, ground contact time, Left/right balance….. Now I have to figure out what to do with all this data….

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