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Trying a new training plan…..

Perhaps I am turning over a new leaf…. In 2009, 2010, 2011 and into 2012 I trained hard… I went through cycles where weekly mileage often hit 50 or more. The most was probably about 70. 2000 miles in a year was normal… Somehow turning 50 years old (in 2012) changed all that. The last couple of years I have been beset with nagging issues. I took most of 2015 off! So, I have decided to try things a little differently.

I have an awesome piece of cross training equipment – my Elliptigo 11R – I should put it to more use. So, I have devised a new training plan to shoot for my BQ attempt in August. There are a number of key differences between this plan and what I was doing a few years back.

  1. First, of course is the use of the Elliptigo. Rather than shooting for 60 or 70 in  a week running, I am going to shoot for big numbers of combined running and Elliptigoing. I figure that a mile running = 2 miles on the Elliptigo. Elliptigoing has very little stress on my joints and such.
  2. I read that Meb Keflezighi, who has turned 40, and has qualified for the Olympics, has opted for a 9 day training cycle. This always allows 2 days between each hard effort. He’s 40. I’m 54 (next week) I made a plan with two cycles in 21 days… 2 per 3 weeks. This will allow sufficient recovery between hard running efforts. They are almost always 3 or 4 days apart – the only exceptions coming during the summer HDR XC series.
  3. The plan never has more than 3 consecutive days of actual running.
  4. My old plan was to follow up a long run with a medium run on back to back days – i.e. 20 followed by 10. Now I plan to follow the long run with an even longer GO run. For example, I ran 10 yesterday (my starting “long run” and today I did a 25 mile GO run. That is an hour and a half run followed by an almost two hour GO run..

The plan is a work in progress but I figured I would embed it here. It is also embedded in a new page that you can link from the menu at the top of the page……

Feel free to comment!

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  1. Like you, I found that after the age of 50, I required more time to recover from hard workouts. Substituting some of your running mileage with eliptigo miles should help minimize the stresses caused during your endurance build up.

    I saw that you have scheduled eight runs of 18+ miles and eight rides of 40+ miles on the eliptigo. That gives you plenty of wiggle room if you need to reduce the distance or skip a scheduled long workout. Given your qualifying time of 3:40, speed should not be an issue. Avoiding injury will be the key to your success!

    Best wishes!

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