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Leap Year Report:

Yesterday I posted my training plan…. click “run N Go” in the menu at the top of this page…  I did not report on my workouts for the day. I got up early and got on my Elliptigo and rode 25 miles finishing at my church – Christ’s Church of the Valley. I am a worship leader there and I have to get there early. My wife met me with some nice clothes. I was all cleaned up and ready to start band practice before anyone else arrived.  The ride went rather well. I started with my typical ride to Hillview  I must not have been too adversely affected by Saturday’s 10 miler – I set my 3rd best ever Elliptigo time on my “To HIllview” segment – 24:11.

I rode up Peonza in front of the school and northwest on Rancho Vista then right down N-8. Then I backtracked on my normal homeward bound route to the corner of Elizabeth Lake and HIghland Ave (25th).  I went west on Elizabeth Lake avout 2 miles turning onto the new street that connects with Ave S and Ana Verde Hills. The hill coming up from E.L is a pretty good one with a max of 14% grade! Then I had the fun part of riding down S into East Palmdale….

In the evening I made it to the Clayve and did the full workout – not a scaled back version as i have been doing lately. Yeah!

Today, I had a “recovery” day, meaning I still rode the GO to and from Hillview! Coming home I started strong and had my #3 time on Bolz Ranch Rd…. but after that fatigue set in…. I took it easy the rest of the way home.

Monthly Totals This Year Year To Date
February Elliptigo 158 271 Elliptigo
Running 34 146 Running
January Elliptigo 112
Running 112

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