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Following the plan….

The first block of my Run N Go marathon training plan has been completed successfully.  Here is that section from the plan. You can see the entire plan by clicking the link “Run N Go” link at the top of the page.

The bottom line has planned miles running, planned miles on the GO (Elliptigo) and Effective Total = Run plus 1/2 GO… to the right you see the actual miles ran, the actual miles GO-d and the Actual Effective Total… I was one Effective Mile over the total.

I suppose I should define a couple of things…. I just made up a new word and a new use for a word…. GO-d is the past tense of the verb GO when applied to riding an Elliptigo…. Effective Total is the total effect I should receive from the combined use of Elliptigo riding and running.

Tuesday I had a meeting I had to go to so I was unable to coach the HDR track workout or do the Clayve. I did get in a Sweet 16 workout with the Hillview team. Wednesday I rode the GO to and from school and ran the 5 mile run to the tunnels!

Thursday was a scheduled non-run day. I am trying to keep to either 2 or 3 consecutive days running. I commuted on the GO once again and I did the Clayve.

Later today – Jamba Run!

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