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Saturday In the Park – again.

Today is my birthday! 54 trips around the sun so far. It is also the first Saturday of the month. The first Saturday of the month there is a men’s breakfast at Hometown. My dad likes to go to the breakfast. My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s…. I am not sure how many more times I’ll be able to join him for breakfast. If possible, I try to make that first Saturday breakfast….

So, today I got up at 4:30 to be at the park by 5:30 so I could run 12 miles by 7:30 and still make it to breakfast on time.  At 4:30 it took me 10 minutes to will myself out of bed. Between 4:30 and 5:15 I had to overcome numerous thoughts of rescheduling. But, by 5:30 I was parking at Marie Kerr… I chose the park, once again, as it is nearby (no extra driving time) and it allows me to run mostly on dirt. I am trying to minimize concrete running these days….

The run itself went very well. I got into my pace. It was pretty windy so anytime I was heading west it was cold and I was slower. Anytime I was heading east it felt warmer and the running was easy. Rather than running circles I did a sort of bent dog bone back and forth pattern: Loop in the the southwest corner of the park, around the park, loop in the northwest corner, back around the park the other way. Once it was light enough i extend the run to include the berm tops of the parking lot east of the park. That was actually kind of fun. I feel like taking a shovel out there and making the north side berm runnable and then there will be a nice berm top loop!

Goal accomplished – 12 miles, No calf pain!

Next week I think I’d like to run San Francisquito to Bouquet – 13 mile trail run…. I’m considering entering the Leona Divide – 30K… hmmm

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