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Triple Tuesday

Some places have taco Tuesdays… I opt for the much healthier Triple Tuesday. After school a few of my students met me for a workout. We warmed up and then ran a “slalom” of ups and downs on the hill outside my classroom. 9 reps – each rep has 6 hill ups and downs – 54 hills! – In keeping with the birthday Clayve theme from Sunday.

At 6 I coached the High Desert Runners Tuesday track workout. We warmed up, then ran 3 reps of 10 minutes. Within each rep we ran 200 fast with 100 recovery and so on. It worked out for me that I was finishing 5 laps and 7 200 meter intervals with 10-15 seconds to spare in the 10 minutes. I felt good. I felt like I was running smooth. The only runners ahead of me were speedsters Justin Koo, Zach and Luke Trenkle (high school senior). On the 3rd set I got ahead of Luke for awhile but he sprinted past me on the 7th 200…

After the HDR workout I headed to the Tuesday night Clayve. Clay had us do a list of exercises working our sets up from 5 to 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 and then 10. I was already sore in the abs and arms from Sunday’s Clayve but the workout got better as I went. The only participants at the 7 o’clock hour were Justin Koo, Michell and myself. Clay challenged us to 2000 meter ski erg. We took turns with Michelle going first and each of us doing 200m at a time. We finished in 7:57.2 Clay did a very impressive 8:16.5…

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  1. It was 2000 meters and your team time was 7:57.2 I was within 20 seconds of your team. I think I can go faster I took a breather after 1000 meters. Just need to work at it for a couple more months. Your team average was just under 2:00 pace for 500 m my pace was 2:04 avg. I think it has to do with the fact that I weigh in at 175 lbs now. I may be able to go back and beat all my records from 2013 because of the added weight.
    Nice day of workouts. You are climbing back up into fitness.

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