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Down and Up week…

It has been a whole week since I have posted… sorry…

Friday, last week I had planned to do my GO commute, run to the Bunny Hill with the team and GO home again. Looking at the forecast that morning I saw 100 percent chance of rain in the afternoon with 20 plus winds at 40 something degrees. I cancelled it all.

Saturday was still windy, but I met Karl at the PCT and Bouquet Canyon. I parked my truck there. We drove in his car to San Francisquito Canyon. From there I ran back! This was a 13 mile trail run. It took me 2 hours and 16 minutes so it exceeded any other run of the year by 25 minutes. I was pretty tired by the time I finished. I ended up with some sore quads for a few days.  Nine miles in, at the top of the ridge I paused for a selfie.

20160312_080047[1]Karl had run off ahead of me…. way ahead of me…. He must have paused at least once too. He took this picture of me..2016 March trail 200So, Saturday was a good day.

Sunday I had planned on a long GO ride. The rain had stopped from the Friday storm but the winds had not. I worked on a plan to go to Santa Clarita for the afternoon but ultimately I skipped out of it and spent the time with my wife… then Clay cancelled the Clayve to boot… Score Sunday a big ZERO.

Sunday was the last day of my second block of training and due to the misses Friday and Sunday I fell short.

Monday was another zero… by now the quads were pretty sore. I had scheduled myself a run to and from school and I just did not think it was really a good idea. I am trying to minimize street running. And street running on sore quads… not good.

Tuesday I was still sore but good enough to get back into it. I did the same 9 Slalom workout I did last week. The little downhills were pretty difficult due to the soreness/stiffness. But I felt like I had decent power on the uphill surges.  In the evening I led the HDR track workout. This turned out to be one of the tougher workouts I have prescribed in some time.

It was a simple 10 x 2 minutes…. but the recovery alternated between 1 minute and 2 minutes. We were supposed to regroup during the recovery. SO, the slower runners were finishing up their 2 minute lap and got to just hang and wait. I was getting really close to 500 meters each interval so I had to trot across the endzone to get back. Justin Koo and Zach Dominquez had to jog back from the far straight away at a fairly good clip… The intervals following the short rest were always more difficult. I never got quite as far and I noticed my heart rate got up there.  I saw some anaerobic 170s –  as high as 174 near the end of these… Still I was thrilled with the workout. My laps varied between 97 and 102 seconds!

After the workout… still no Clayve… cancelled all week. But Tuesday, I was thankful.

Wednesday I GO-d to school and did a Sweet 16 workout with the kids. After each of the 16 drills I threw in an additional exercise. Like 5 burpees, or 20 toe raises, or 20 mountain climbers. I told the kids that they could thank Clay for the extra work. I had to throw it in since I had missed the Clayve… Of course, I GO-d home.

Today, we did the run we had to cancel last Friday. I rode my GO to Coldstone before school in the morning. My friend and assistant coach Larry met me in his Nissan Armada. It is big enough that we put the GO in the back and left them both at Coldstone for the day. We got a ride to Hillview. After Hillview we ran from Hillview up to the top of the ridge, to the Bunny Hill, as we call it.


I celebrated being the first one to stand on the survey marker…. as if it were the goal…. even though I was NOT the first to make it to the top of the hill..



Then we ran back down to Coldstone were we enjoyed some ice cream on a very warm afternoon.

Then, of course I had to GO home….

Tomorrow I plan on running 14 on the PCT with Kevin, a friend and co teacher who is running the Leona Divide 30K. Oh, btw, so am I…

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