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PCT Running

Today – Friday –  is the first day of my 17 day spring break! Yeah! I decided to start it off with a trail run. Kevin, a teacher I work with and I are both registered for the Leona Divide 30K. He had not actually been up on the trail though so I thought I’d take him out and show him some. The 30K race will start in Green Valley and head southeast up Spunky Canyon Rd and then turn up the dirt Spunky Edison rd until it gets to the PCT.  (the green part of the map)

course map Then it makes a left turn onto the PCT and follows it to San Francisquito and back. (The red part of the map.)

Kevin and I ran the red part of the map. We started at San Francisquito and ran to Spunky Edison Road and back. We took it easy all the way there. On the way back I started pushing a little harder. When I got to the final climb I kept a steady pace. Most of the climb did not seem too bad but I was pretty wiped out by the time I got to the top. Then I “enjoyed” the downhill.


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