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Washington DC

Here is a link to an album of photos from my trip.

Saturday morning,  1:00 a.m., I left my house to help chaperone or School District’s annual trip to Washington DC. I’ve been at Hillview 19 years.  This was to be my first trip.  We boarded 2 busses and drove to LAX. We caught am early morning flight to Baltimore and hopped on tour buses.

The weather Saturday was bitterly cold and rainy. It did not so is from heading out to begin seeing the sights right after dinner. We visited the memorials of Martin Luther King, FDR, Thomas Jefferson and Iwo Jima.

We checked into our hotel at almost 10 pm. The boys were sent to their rooms and I stood guard in the hallway till the hotel security took over.


On Sunday we awoke 5:30 had breakfast at 6:30 and headed out to our buses.  Our first stop was the Arlington National Cemetery. We saw some of the sights and then a few of our students participated in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

On the way back to the bus this tomb stone caught my eye

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
We made a visit to the Air Force memorial,  and then headed to Gettysburg.

Sunday night,  after my hallway guard duty I headed down to the hotel fitness center to get on a little workout. I did 30 minutes on an Elliptical following a built in interval routine. It was not much but,  better than nothing.

Monday we visited Mt Vernon, the National Archives (Declaration of Independence),  National Cathedral, and the Spy Museum.
I was not feeling too well, so I did not attempt a workout. I slept well.

Tuesday we got an extra half hour to sleep in!  We awoke at 6. We went back to the National Mall and visited the memorials of World War II, the Vietnam War, Lincoln, and the Korean War.


We also went to a play at Ford’s Theater, the place of Lincoln ‘ assassination, the Air and Space Museum, the National Holocaust Museum and spent a couple hours letting the kids shop and eat in a big mall. Once again,  after 10 pm, I got on a minimal workout – 2 miles uphill on a treadmill.

Today,  before heading home we squeezed on a tour of the Capital Building and a couple hours in the American History Museum.

I am writing this on the flight home. .. Tomorrow I will need a vacation from my vacation.

As I post this – the morning after – I am definitely fighting a cold…. no fever, but lots of congestion in my sinuses and down into my chest. My voice is also affected…. rest, I need rest…

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