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Oh, those Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my most consistent training days! I am almost always at the High Desert Runners Track workout, but there is usually more. Sometimes, much more….

But first some catch up info: Sunday I rested, well that is, Sunday I celebrated Jesus resurrection! Monday I went to Greg Anderson Elementary to meet the kids. We did  3.5 mile up to the aqueduct run.


I left my house on the Elliptigo and rode past Hillview into the Quartz Hill area. I made it as far as L8 and 61st st before heading back up the hill towards Greg Anderson. I rode one lap around the track to make my morning ride an even 13 miles.

I met my students on the track there and we did a sweet 16 workout. We only did about 50 meters on the drills. My top athletes have not been showing up for these intercession workouts- only beginners were there. Still doing the Sweet 16 I accumulated about 3 miles. Afterwards I rode the GO back home – 7 miles. On the ride home I had a favorable wind and I was feeling good. I set a couple of Strava records!

The segment record – “School to Fire Station” is a record for ALL riding- meaning I beat my best times on my road bike!

If you look at the Strava upload on my Elliptigo ONLY account you see I set my fastest ride from Hillview to Home by more than 30 seconds! I missed my fastest Elliptigo ride up 15th west by Ocotillo by a mere 1 second

When I posted the Sweet 16 on Strava, Krysti commented that she was hoping to do a Sweet 16 at the Tuesday night workout… So, we did! It was very cold and windy. Our drills were closer to 80 meters. The final four sprints were into the wind. The last two were full 100 meters. The total workout was closer to 4 miles.

Afterward I headed to the Clayve. There I got in some more work including a couple 500 meter reps on the Ski Erg machine.

This morning all I was able to do was the track workout with the team. They did partner intervals… I did the same, but I did them at more of a half marathon pace.  3 more miles…

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