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Leona Divide almost 30K

The Leona Divide 30K starts in Green Valley and it runs a little more than a mile up Spunky Canyon road to the saddle. It then turns on the dirt road – Spunky Edison. It goes north on Spunky Edison for 1.6 miles before making a left onto the Pacific Crest Trail. It follows the trail to San Francisquito Canyon road and then goes back on the same path.

Last week Karl did the whole 30K:
strava map

I figured that I should do a slightly shorter version. Instead of starting in town I would start at the intersection of Spunky Canyon and Spunky Edison. Looking at Karl’s map on Strava I was able to isolate it at 17 miles.

I was hoping to do the run yesterday. I was going to run it with a teacher – friend Kevin (also entered into the 30K), but Kevin was unable to go Friday due a teacher training commitment. I could have gone early this morning but I have been going to breakfast the first Saturday of the month with my dad…. my dad has Alzheimers and I can see him fading. He loves this monthly breakfast at Home Town so I am going to make it with him as much as possible while I can.

So, I figured, how about AFTER breakfast. 11 am would give me some time to digest… Kevin was game so that is what we did…. The only problem was that the temperatures on the trail were up into the mid 70s. We got into trouble… I had one bottle of water. Kevin had none… He has been doing 14 – 15 miles without it…. I tried to get him to take some water….

We made it to San Francisquito (8.5 miles) in an hour 26. There was some water there that had been left for the through hikers. Kevin had some… I should have refilled. On the return Kevin began to fade. I made it about 4 miles back – to the top of the second ridge – when I took my last swig.  Thereafter the run became a death march. It was like the final miles of a bad marathon. I took about a half a dozen walk breaks.

Still, I lost Kevin. I figured it would be better to finish and go back for him… so that is what I did. I took my truck up Spunky Edison about mile and found him walking… He gladly accepted the ride and some of the “after run” water I had…

I hurried home as I had to get to church to lead Saturday Evening worship. I did not feel well enough to eat. I had some chocolate milk. I had several glasses of water and tea.  I headed to church. I was not yet recovered…. I got a chair and sat and led during our rehearsal… I drank several more 16 oz glasses of water before church and two more during… Still, my voice did not fail me. We had a nice set of singing….

Still, my average pace was about 11. Not bad for a hilly trail run on a hot day! I look forward to doing the whole run… hopefully during much cooler morning hours… with aids stations at which to replenish my liquid and fuel stores!

Oh, upon return to home I noticed a very salty running hat….


2 more weeks…. In the meantime I am doing the Hollywood Half marathon next Saturday.

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