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March recap

In mid March I hit a peak in “fitness” as measured by Sporttracks. The program assignes a stress value for all workouts and monitors fitness, fatigue and performance… The chart below shows the last three months fitness in green and fatigue in red.

fitness chart

Chaperoning the trip to Washington DC has cost me…. at least according to the chart. I wonder as I look at it what affect my vacation plans will have this summer. I am planning on a 24 day trip in June. We’ll do some tandem rides and I may do a couple of races… but it will be hard to get in every day, or most day training….

In March I ran 108 miles and did 104 on the GO
YTD totals are 375 on the GO and 257 running (not including yesterday’s 17 mile run – in April)

My weight plateaued for the month. I had a birthday and I had LOTS of coupons for free meals and such. I enjoyed them. Oh, and they fed us very well in DC….  I didn’t gain, but I didn’t lose either…

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