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Speedy Tuesday

Today was the fastest I have felt in some time… sort of!

First there was the Hillview track practice. My team ran with me from Hillview over to Greg Anderson to practice on the track. I accidentally reset the watch and lost the data for the warm up- about a mile. I had the team do my “partner interval” workout. The students pair off and do 400s. One partner runs while the other walks/jogs across the infield to give em a high five. Then the other partner runs. We aimed for about 12 minutes so the fastest teams would get in reps and the rest 4.

I ended up paired with one of the boys. I ran first and all but one of the team ran away from me (as a coach – this is awesome). I felt slow in comparison but when I glanced at my watch I saw low 6 and sub 6 pace! Of course we did the 200s as well. You can click below to see the data.
In the evening was the HDR track workout. I warmed up and was not feeling particularly motivated. I thought to myself…. you just ran a half….. you have a 30k Saturday….. maybe you should take the evening off. But I went ahead and warmed up anyway.

After the warm up I assigned a similar to workout to last week: 3 x 8 minutes. The runners had the choice of running the 8 minutes at a steady “Half Marathon” pace, or they could do 300s fast with 100 recoveries within the 8 minutes. Most opted for the latter, but I chose to go steady. I stated the others I was just shooting for 8s.

On the first one Justin, Luke and Kent ran off ahead of me and I think they pulled me ahead a bit. I ran comfortable and did not allow myself to go from a 2:2 breath pattern down to a 2:1.  I noticed the laps tick off significantly sub 8. The mile went by in 7:20 and I ran an extra 120 or so before calling out “time!”

On interval two I started catching Kent and Luke while they were doing their recovery. By the end the 4th lap they were not recatching me on their faster part. The mile went by in 7:08 and I went around 160 extra.

On the third interval I allowed myself to go to the 2:1 pattern and told myself I could stop at a mile if I hit 7. I did it… 7:00 flat.  I stopped a few and jogged another 80 or  so!

It felt good to see 200s and 400s faster than my 5k PR pace and miles at or around my Half Marathon PR pace!  Imagine what I can do if I stay heathly and get rid of this extra 15 – 25 pounds I am still carrying around with me!

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