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Wednesday – Friday

Just a quick up date on the 2nd half of the workweek…

Wednesday I rode the GO to school. I ran with the track team to Greg Anderson for practice. The kids did Sweet 16 on the field. I did some of it easily with them. I was dead legged due to the Tuesday speed work so I did not push it. Of course I ran back On Strava I invented a new abbreviation…. TFD track practice…. To, From, During practice. We ran back to Hillview and I GO’d home.

Thursday was crazy windy.  Still I GO’d to school. It took 31:38 which has got to be one of my slowest times. After school I GO’d to Greg Anderson for our opening track meet. The wind was aweful during our meet…. The meet took forever. We allowed unlimited entries and ended up running 100m heats for hours. The meet went from 3 till almost 8. I GO’d home in the dark.

Friday all I did was run TFD track practice. I had the kids work on 4 x 400 exchanges. I only got in a little over 2 miles. I wanted to be rested for the big race.  See my next post.

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April 2016


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