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Weekly Update – steady progress!

fitness chart

SportTracks keeps a running chart that is supposed to calculate fitness and fatigued based on the workouts uploaded to the site. Above is the chart for the past month showing a nice upward trend! Funny thing though – based on the chart I still have not made up for the almost nonexistent week of training when I went to DC….

This week:
Sunday – I rested the day after the 30K Leona Divide Trail Race.
Monday – I ran 2 miles with the Hillview team – a recovery run.
Tuesday – I rode the GO to a teacher’s meeting at the district office in Quartz Hill and then to Greg Anderson for track practice and then home again. I did not run with the team at track practice.  That evening I went to the HDR track workout and we did a 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 workout. I was starting to feel recovered from the race but I kept my pace in the 7:45 – 8:00 range.  Then I went to the CLAYVE!
Wednesday – I rode the GO to day 2 of the teacher meeting and then to Hillview. I ran with the team from Hillview to Greg Anderson and we did a Sweet 16 workout and we ran back to Hillview. Then I GO-d home.
Thursday – was track meet day. I knew it was going to be really, really, really windy and I was thinking I was starting to get a cold…. could have been allergies.  I coached. No workout. Hillview, btw is awesome once again!
Friday – I ran with the distance runners. We did our Rucker Run loop up to the aqueduct. We added a few strides at Greg Anderson.

Today – The HIgh Desert Runners put on their monthly Mountain Trail Fun Run – hosted this time by Janet and Charles Dempsey. They were using the almost 8 mile round trip route heading south from Soledad Canyon on the PCT. This is the same run that I ran with Oscar back on December 26.

I wanted something longer so I got there an hour early and headed out. The only time I ran this run was the one time with Oscar so I was not familiar with the trail after the 4 mile turn around. The trail goes up for a mile, dips some and up some more for about 2.5 then it drops to a creekbed. This was the official turn around.

The next 2.5 miles or so are crazy. It switchbacks up a bit to a little ridge and then pretty much runs straight up the ridge toward the much higher Angeles Crest Mountains. This section of the trail is apparently not much used as there were placing where it was pretty overgrown. If it weren’t for the through hikers (I saw 9 today) I would have been worried that I was on a real trail a couple of times.

As the hill dragged on, and I became more and more wore out, I was about to reduce my 16 mile plan…. but then mercifully I turned a corner. Suddenly I went around a bend and I could see some sort of camp ahead and I could see that the trail did not have to go much higher to get there. A hiker saw me and started woot, wooting, saying something about sorry that she did not have a cow bell. I picked up the cadence, thanked her, and continued on to the camp. The camp – North Fork Station – closed since the station fire, turned out to be my 8 mile turn around point! I took a few pics…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

run elevation

On the way down I spotted Scott Zeirman who was planning on doing the same run. He still had 2.5 to go.  I only caught a couple of HDR peeps on the way back…. most had likely done the prescribed run, starting at 8 and were long gone!  But a handful were there to greet me.

On Strava someone set up a segment of the whole 8 mile climb. I made it as #3.  Karl is #1 and Tim Buse is number 2 so I feel no shame in being number 3!  I was also #3 on a segment of that killer ridge section! I PR’d on a number of other segments…
By the time I got back I believe I was more tired than after last week’s race. I believe it was all that climbing – with the ups and downs, more than 4000 ft!  A little more than a mile out I had one last climb – short but steep in a couple of spots.  My right adductor cramped on me. It was pretty awful as I could not find a quick stretch to make it stop.  The same happened to a much lesser degree on the last hill of the race last week…. I recall it happening on a couple of long bike rides last year….  Once I started downhill again it went away….

Oh,  I got back into the 170s this week with a 179 reading!!

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