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Run, Run, Clayve

(I took Monday off, well, I did go for a walk with my wife….)

Today, that’s another story…..

First I ran with the Hillview team over to Greg Anderson for our workout. Our finals are in two weeks so the time for the hard workouts are now. We have been building partner intervals on Tuesday.  Today we did 6 reps of 400 meters each, and then 6 reps of 200 meters. We followed that up with 12 runs up the stairs with easy jogging back down the ramp in between.

I like to have the kids do Partner Intervals because it gets a little competitive and the kids need that to push up. Of course the coach can’t be slacking out there…. I was not timing my laps, but I glanced down at my pace a few times and was surprised  to see sub 6s… often.

Later, of course it was time for the HDR track workout. It was very cold and windy out there… mostly windy…. The workout was 3 x 10 minutes. Within each 10 minutes we ran 200 meters fast alternating with 100 meters very easy.  Strava shows paces on these in the low 6s mostly. It feels good to see the speed starting to come  back!

After the HDR workout it was straight to the Clayve. I started right in, but then Clay had me stop and do some back arches and sags… felt good. I need to remember to do these often….. daily… Justin Koo and I were the only ones there for the 7 o’clock workout.. It was an interesting mixture of all sorts of stuff. I should have taken a picture of the list. By the time we got done… 41 minutes worth… I was done…..

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