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Tuesday Speedy Work

Today was the last speed workout of the track season for the Hillview team. I gave them about the toughest speed work I’ve ever given my team. They did partner intervals. First 2 x 600 straight into 3 x 400. I partnered with one of the 8th grade girls. She ran first, I jog-walked across the infield and gave her a high five as she went by. Then I jog-walked back across the field for another high five. One more time back across the infield. She finished 600 meters and I took over. Each half lap she was there for the high five. I like this workout for the middle school students as they have to keep moving during their recovery and they tend to get into the team aspect of it and push the pace…

After a few minutes break we do the 6 200s. My partner ran the west half and I ran the east half of each lap.  It was quite warm out there today… by the time we got to the stairs some were dragging…

Not Maggie, btw, Maggie Theologidy is our top girl. She is in 7th grade but is faster than all the 8th graders… in the league. She has already broken our 7th grade girl’s school records in the 1600 – 5:43.74 and 800 in 2:35.80.

In the evening, of course, I coached and ran the HDR track workout. We did 4 x 6 minutes. This was one of the longest I have prescribed for this group. I instructed them to stick with 10k to Half Marathon Pace. I allowed only 2 minutes recovery between the reps. So I asked them to think ahead and double back if necessary so that everyone ended the 6 minutes near the start line… it worked. I ran comfortably. I concentrated on quick strides but kept the effort down by sticking with a 2:2 breathing pattern (2 steps breath in – 2 steps breath out.) I know I can race at a 2:2 pattern for more than a half marathon.  My 1200 meter splits were 5:40, 5:30, 5:29, 5:29 – so 7:35 pace for #1 and 7:20 or under on the other 3.

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