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Get up and Go has got up and gone….

It has been two weeks since I have ridden my elligptiGO…. I blame it on the end of track season… I blame it on my cold… I have had a cough for a couple of weeks now… but then again, it didn’t stop me from the Wings for Life World run Sunday….

Monday. I resolve to begin again Monday!

So it was a rather light workout week. On Monday we had our final track team practice before the Tuesday prelims. I ran a couple of miles with my distance runner. It was shake out run for them and a recovery run for me. Tuesday I timed the prelims at Joe Walker. I was out there standing at the finish line timing race after race from 3 till 5:45. I sat down on the grass for a few and then the HDR peeps started showing up…

I was recovering. Krysti was recovering from a downhill half. The Diorios were recovering from a 10 mile trail run – The Wild West up in Lone Pine. Kyra was recovering  from the Wild West 50K. So we did the Sweet 16 workout – I stressed that those of us recovering were to approach it easily…

By the time it was over I was exhausted from the cold, the workout, the lingering race effects and just being out there for 5 hours. I skipped the Clayve and went home.

Wednesday was the League track championships. We won… Once again. Our 7th grade girls, 8th grade girls and 8th grade boys were pretty dominate in their divisions. The 7th grade boys not so much – taking 4th place. We really only have one athlete capable of placing (in pretty much any event) and word has it he is moving to Alaska… ouch.

The rest though were scary… 7th grade runner, Maggie Theologidy was the standout with new Hillview records in the 800M 2:32.66 and 1600M 5:39.81. She also ran the first leg of a Hillview and League record setting 4 x 400 M relay team 4:30.11.

Thursday… well … the team rested… so did I.  Cough still hanging in there, giving me fits from time to time.

Today, I rewarded the distance runners with a run to Jamba Juice. I was feeling pretty good and kept up with the kool kids… My average pace was 8:11. That was with stops for lights though so I had extra recovery. I believe the actual running pace was faster as well as you tend to walk the last part into a red light losing some of your average pace.

Tomorrow I have teacher training… So, I am not sure how much work I’ll get in this weekend… Monday, though I start anew!

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