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Back at it

I feel like I slacked off quite a bit these last couple of weeks… or maybe you could say I tapered for the Wings for Life Run and then eased back afterwards… Probably a little of both. I wasn’t able to even get a run in this last weekend….

Monday I got on the GO however, riding it to and from Hillview. I felt pretty rested and the GOing was easy. I wasn’t trying to race or anything, but the GO to school was the #3 all time GO to school! The GO home was also the third fastest ever!  Additionally when it time to GO up 15th St west during my last mile home I pushed it a bit and had my 2nd fastest ever segment time.

Tuesday I ran with the Hillview runners after school. They are done with track season, but a dozen or so showed up to get in a workout. Some of them are 8th graders and they want to start doing longer stuff to get ready for high school cross country. My training plan called for some speedwork so  I had them do 2 time 10 minutes with me. During the intervals we ran two backstops fast followed by one easy. Running fast on the thick very uneven grass at Hillview is a pain. Next time we will go to Greg Anderson and use the track…

At 6 I met the HDR peeps and we did a similar workout. 3  x 10 minutes with 200 m fast / 100 m recoveries. I was watching my 200 m splits. They started at 50 s which would be  a 6:40 pace. As the workout went along the splits sometimes became 49s and 48s. That doesn’t seem like much of a difference but a 2 s difference over 200 m would be 16 s over a mile. So, I got as fast as 6:24 pace!

After the HDR workout I headed to the Clayve. Clay and Kendall and I were the only ones there. Kendall had worked with the crowd and the 6 pm workout. Clay did a little bit of the workout with me… As usual, there was a list…. a bunch of stuff… 5 times each… 7 times each… 9 times each… 11 times each…. One interesting station was Battle Ropes while doing squats on a Bosu Ball!

Today I rode the GO again… not as fast, of course… I am fatigued from the workouts of yesterday. I also ran a 5 mile run up to the Tunnels and back with the team… in the heat… It was probably 90 degrees out there… The kids seemed more affected by it than I was.

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