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Paseo 18

Sometimes I wish I lived in Santa Clarita… I love their bike paths – their Paseos…. Of course it is not too far to drive when I want to go there. Yesterday, when I looked at the weather forecast for the AV I saw wind! Lots of wind! Last time I tried to stretch out my distance on flat ground in the wind I got injured. So I got up early and headed to Santa Clarita.

My goal was 18 miles on relatively flat pavement… This would be realistic training for my goal race: The Santa Rosa Marathon in late August. (The Wings for Life run was also appropriate training – relatively flat and paved.)  Other than the Wings for Life run my longest runs of late have been trail runs. I figure I need to throw a long road training run (or race) every few weeks.

My Marathon Goal pace is 8:10. I need 8:20 to qualify for Boston but I don’t want to cut it too close. Plugging in my Wings for life race (which was not 100% a race) into McMillan’s running calculator with a goal marathon race of 3:34 it says my long runs should currently be 8:29 – 9:46.  Today I averaged 8:42 for 18 miles… right on track. It is looking like I could BQ at my current weight with the appropriate training… I plan on making it easier on myself by losing some more pounds.

In other news – I got put on a jury… I’m not allowed to talk about it but I could be on it for awhile. The judge promised that I would be released if it is not over by June 9 when I leave for vacation…. This will change up my training though. I cannot run after school with the Hillview runners. I cannot GO to and from Hillview everyday. I suppose I will have to GO to and from Hillview in the morning and then do a run. I do not have to be to the courthouse until 9 so I have some time…

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