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Light week – heavy weekend

I’ve been on jury duty all week…. anything out of the ordinary tends to mess up my schedule..

Monday I took advantage of a late trial start and put in a 20 miler on the GO.

Tuesday I could not run with the Hillview kids but I got over to Joe Walker for the HDR track workout. We did a shorter workout: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  I felt off a bit. Normally I get stronger and faster as the workout progresses, but not this time. Afterwards I went to the Clayve.

Wednesday I was able to go to school, but after school there was a retirement party. I got in a 2 mile recovery run in the morning before school.

Thursday, back on Jury duty…. no workout…. also my arms were very sore from the Clayve. I couldn’t lift my arms above my shoulders and attempting to run would have been painful just from the jarring of the shoulders.

Friday we got out of jury duty early. I headed over to the school and got in a tunnels run with the kids – 5.2 miles…. It was pretty warm out there.

One struggle I have had of late has been the lack of running partners, other than my Hillview kids. I thrive on commitment… not commitment to get my workout in, but commitment to meet someone, once I have something scheduled.  No one took the bait for a Saturday morning run, but I managed to get out there anyway. I went to the PCT and Bouquet Canyon.

As I parked there was a younger man warming up. We said hi and he took off before I finished putting on some sun screen. As the run progressed I kept an eye out for him… Approaching the old tank at the 1.5 mile mark I got my first glimpse of him quite a ways ahead. Going up the ubersteep section – mile 3 I noticed him more often. I could tell I was gaining. On the 4th mile I could tell I was within a minute getting closer and closer. I approached the 4 mile ridge about 10s behind him. He continued for about 50m and stopped. I said hi as I went by. He turned around. Later, we found each other on Strava. The young man was one of our newest club members Toke Jensen. You can click here to see the Strava Flyby of our “epic battle.” Of course it was probably only even a battle in my mind…. I’m a little bit competitive like that….

I continued down the other side of the ridge to Spunky Edison Road before coming back. I had a nice run…. saw a few thru hikers out there!

This morning I had Cheryl drop me off at 60th west and the aqueduct. My goal was to get some marathon pace miles within a 11 or 12 mile run. There was a wind from the south so depending on which way the aqueduct turned I fought it or had it on my right side. I eased into a comfortable 8:10 – 8:20 pace. Behind Highland I headed down P12 and then over to Elizabeth Lake Road/Palmdale Blvd. After 7 or 8 miles I noted that my average pace for the whole run was under 8:20 (my BQ qualifying pace) I kept on going till 10 miles. I stopped and reset my watch thus ending the marathon portion of the run. I jogged and walked the remaining 1 1/3 miles to church where Cheryl met me with clean clothes.


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