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Pick Up Stix closed its Palmdale location… quite some time ago… Cheryl and I were fond of Pick Up Stix…. they often had 2 for 1 offers. So, Cheryl got an email offer for another 2 for 1 the other day and suggested that on Memorial Day we could go to Santa Clarita to their Pick Up Stix. Of course, she would not propose a drive all the way to Santa Clarita to use a 2 for 1 offer… that would be silly. So she suggested we go there for a bike ride.  I was thinking of a longish GO ride this morning and a Tandem ride isn’t a bad substitute… so that is what we did.

It was an absolutely perfect morning for a ride… The temps were in the 60s and there was almost no wind… We breezed along for 25 trouble free miles. Yeah!

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  1. You should try fire island grill by the squeaky wheel bike shop. Similar to pickup Stix. They do 2 for 1 by mentioning the “bike shop deal” . I think you each have to buy a drink though too.

    • 2 for 1 any time we want it? Just by mentioning the bike shop deal? wow…. we’ll have to check out that one.

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