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May Report

May has ended with a very warm run to Vince’s Pasta and Pizza. We typically end our Hillview school year with a club run there to celebrate our accomplishments. This year has been a little bit down as far as club attendance but the faithful few ran with me… Jeff Smith ran along as well.

It was HOT out there. The report says 95 degrees.  Everytime we stopped to regroup the kids found whatever shade they could find.



Shortly after stopping for this picture we were stopped were the dirt path crossed L8.  A car stopped and this lady got out. She went to the back of her hatchback, opened it and started handing out water. She gave a brand new bottle to each and every one of us. At first I though she was one of the kid’s moms but she identified herself as a mom of kids from our competitor – Joe Walker.  Nice….

Looking at the numbers for the month it is a bit disappointing.  I had fewer running miles in May than April. 119 vs 136.  I had way fewer GO miles at 56 vs 158… if you count the Tandem with the GO – which does not quite work –  it is still way down…. With about 12 weeks till my goal race I’ll have to be more consistent….

Monthly Totals This Year Year To Date
May Elliptigo 56 589 Elliptigo
Tandem 25 25 Tandem
Running 119 511 Running
April Elliptigo 158
Running 136
MAR Elliptigo 104
Running 108
FEB Elliptigo 158
Running 34
JAN Elliptigo 112
Running 112


Of course with vacation coming up these next few weeks will be a challenge…

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