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5 Klicks to Home 5k

5Klciks to Home 3

I had not planned on running this race…. but the HDR board committed to helping these people put on a race. Our job was getting the word out to our email list and marking the course at Marie Kerr Park. As it turned out, our usual course markers were all out of town for the weekend. Well, expect Alan, but he was not feeling up to doing it himself. So I went out Saturday night and chalked the course, but then I had to go Sunday and set the cones. So I arranged for someone to cover my Sunday morning church duties and decided to run.

The race started very well. The first mile went by in 7:10! The second mile was slower as I fought the loose gravel footing of the parking lot and the effects of the 80 plus heat. My time was 23:45. I was 6th place overall and 1st in my age group!

5Klciks to Home 1

Catching up on the rest of the week… After Wednesday’s longest ever GO ride I took a day off… well I was pretty busy with one last day of jury duty. It is over. He is guilty…. murder 2. Friday my summer vacation began with a run with the team at Marie Kerr Park. I got there early and ran  3 miles first so I got in 6 total including some Frisbee Golf races!

Saturday I got up early and ran 8 repeats up the street adjacent to my house… date palm…. 8 miles easy. We’re having an early summer heat wave so it was already feeling toasty at 6!

Sunday was the race. Today, I rode the Elliptigo to Marie Kerr and rode around a bit there while the kids practiced. Then I continued to Hillview for some teacher training that I’m doing today and tomorrow. At 3 I GO-d home in the heat… not as bad today as the last few, though…

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