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Motivation is so – so

A few years ago when I was training so seriously to qualify for Boston the first time or to PR at this race or that race I made myself training schedules and I followed them almost religiously.  It made my pretty successful but in the end it probably aided the cycle of aches and pains to continue for so long.

After the months of rest and more months of restarting I have found myself not quite so persistent in following my plan. I find myself allowing other important life priorities to take precedence. I find myself allowing occasional pure laziness to win. I am improving. I am getting fitter. My speed is coming back. But my weight has leveled off for a couple of months and I worry if I am being serious enough when I consider that I am training to BQ at a marathon…. Of course I write this as I am about to embark on this year’s cruise vacation….

We are leaving for Hawaii on Friday. We’ll visit Oahu, and then take a cruise to Maui, Hawaii and Kauaii…. when we return to Oahu I will run a 30K… I’m excited! I do plan on getting in some miles whilst away – I mean, besides the 30K.

Meanwhile, I have done a little training the last couple of days.  Monday I rode the GO to Marie Kerr Park where the team was having practice. I could not stay for the full practice as I had to get to Hillview for teacher training. So I rode the Elliptigo around the park for a while with the kids and then continued on to Hillview. After the training I rode home in the heat of the afternoon! Yesterday I ran with the High Desert Runners’ track workout. It was 6 pm but it was still in the upper 90s. We did 3 x 10 minutes. Within the 10 minutes we did 200 meters fast followed by 100 meters very easy recovery.

Last time I did this workout, on a MUCH cooler evening I found myself getting in 5 laps with 7 reps with 20 seconds or so to spare. I remember on the last rep I continued fast for an extra 40 to 50 meters. Yesterday I was 3 seconds short of finishing the 7th rep on the first set. On the 2nd set I finished with 3 seconds to spare. On the 3rd I had a full 10s to spare. I like it when I get faster as the workout progresses! Yeah!

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