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Hawaii – part 1

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post…. I have been on VACATION!!  I figure that, rather than writing a massive post on the whole trip. I’ll write it up in two or three day blocks and send them out each of the next few days…. I’ll catch up eventually!

Cheryl and I have been thinking about a trip to Hawaii for several years now. Several years back I spotted a 7 day island hopping cruise but its’ price seems to fluctuate greatly. In April I spotted a good deal and we booked it. The vacation began on Friday June 10…

The morning was actually a Hillview Club run. We did a Friday Fun run consisting of some easy running and some partner tortures on the playground equipment. I got in almost 3 miles. In the afternoon we drove to the Van Nuys Fly Away and took the shuttle to LAX. Our flight landed in Honolulu about 9pm.

Saturday I woke up early and put on some running shoes. One of the things I love about being a runner is taking off in new territory and exploring the land.  I did a little more than 6 miles. I wanted to go farther but my time was running out. I ran from our hotel in Waikiki east along the waterfront to Diamond Head and then worked my way back:

Of course I carried my phone/camera with me and took some selfies along the way.

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After the run I hung my VERY wet running clothes on the balcony to dry and hurried to breakfast and then on to our first of many adventures with Cheryl.  We went on a submarine!  It was fun! There were enough fish out there to make it interesting. I took tons of pictures but they did not come out so well through the subs window. I’ll put a couple here anyway so you get the idea:

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Check out the funny colors of the picture taken inside the sub compared to the other of us out in the sun! Red colors don’t show up well when the source of light is the blue coming from the ocean water.

After the submarine voyage we made our way to Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America where we had a relaxing afternoon exploring the ship.

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