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Hawaii – Part 2 – Maui

At 8 am Sunday morning the ship docked at the Island of Maui. The itinerary called for it to stay for two days! I got up early once again and ran some laps on the ship. I posted the run of Strava but I have since deleted it… the speed of the ship plus the speed of me makes for some false running data….  Here is the Garmin connect version of the data:

run to maui I am not sure how it got that elevation profile at the bottom… unless that is the profile of the ocean floor. That run, if it were real, would have been a new 5k PR averaging a 6:08 pace for 28 minutes.  In reality I did 3 1/3 miles. The ship’s deck – running path was 1800 ft, just a tad over 1/3 mile… and I lost track of laps and did an extra one.

After docking Cheryl and I did a tour called Maui downhill. They shuttled us 6500 ft elevation wise up a volcano and let us ride bicycles back down…. unfortunately, with the group we had to go rather slowly. But I did get to snap a few pictures and we worked on our stunt riding skills a bit on the way:

20160612_103130 20160612_103433

After the ride we rented a car and went exploring a bit on our own. There is the famous drive called “The Road to Hana.” We headed that direction. We stopped at a beach and saw some turtles.

Next stop was a little hike, a mile or so up to a waterfall!

20160612_145329 20160612_145356

We parked the car not too far from the ship overnight so we could get an early start the next morning. On Monday we were going to ride the longest biggest ziplines in Hawaii…. but it was too windy! Other ziplines, in more protected locales were still open. we found our way to one called Jungle Zipline. Each zip was relatively short compared to what we were expecting and compared to the Alaska zip of two years ago. But there were 7 zips all together. It was fun!

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Here is a video with my phone out on a selfie stick:

or Cheryl:

After ziplining we explored just a little bit:

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