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Hawaii – PART 3 – “The Big Island”

Tuesday we arrived at Hilo, Hawaii…. for those who may not know… I didn’t. Hawaii, is the name of the largest Island of the chain of Islands in addition to being the name of the chain of Islands and the State. But people refer to it as The Big Island. Hilo was the first of two separate stops on Hawaii. Hilo is reported to be the rainiest city in the U.S and it rained pretty much all day.

The rain started as I got in another morning run on the deck. I started with a mile (3 lap) warm up. Then I started an increasing ladder of speedwork. 1 lap fast, 1 easy, 2 fast, 1 easy, 3 fast, 1 easy, 4 fast, 1 easy, 5 fast, 1 easy, 6 fast and 1 more easy to cool down.  This was a total of 30 laps or 10 miles in 1:22 – and 8:11 average pace. It began raining soon after I started and continued throughout. I was partially covered by an overhang, but with the wind of a moving ship – I was thoroughly drenched when I finished. I actually took my shirt off and wrung it out, before putting it back on to go to my cabin.

We actually fit two ship’s tours into our day. We started with a shuttle to a botanical garden. They had a barrel of umbrellas and we each took one just in case. 20 minutes into our time it started pouring….

The garden was incredibly beautiful. It was not as big as Buchart Gardens in Victoria or the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in England but with these two – definitely in the top 3… and not necessarily 3rd…

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After the gardens we caught a tour to Hawaii National Volcanic Park. This was a tour to the top of Kīlaue. Kīlauea has been eropting for decades. Right now, though you can only see lava if you fly over in a Helicopter. My niece happened to do so just a few weeks back.

jenz lava picI could not convince Cheryl to a helicopter ride so had to view from the rim of the crater. And when we got there it was raining and fogged in.  For a few minutes the fog cleared and we could see some smoke…

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Here are a few pictures from other locations in the park…

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There were two things I could not convince Cheryl to do. Helicopter ride and Snorkel. She suggested that I should snorkel anyway.

Kona, the other side of the Big Island is renown for snorkeling (even more so than all the other renown spots on the Islands.) Wednesday we were docked there.  I took a Zodiac boat tour skimming at high speeds over the ocean to Captain Cooks Monument. There I snorkeled for more than an hour with thousands of colorful tropical fish nearby. After a while some spinner dolphins came into the bay and just hung out among the snorkelers. We were still early so the bay was not yet overly crowded.  On the ride back some bottle nose dolphins got in the action surfing our wake. I’ve seen this before off the So Cal Coast but in a zodiac these guys would get within 6 to 10 feet of you. It was an awesome time Afterwards Cheryl and I wandered the village for awhile. Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to take my Galaxy S3 into the water (in it’s waterproof bag) so I don’t have a lot of pics to share. Just a few:

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