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Hawaii – PART 4 – Kauii

Let’s recap the adventure so far. We did a submarine dive. We are in the middle of a 4 Island 7 day cruise. We biked down one Volcano. We hiked to a water fall, we zip lined in a Jungle. We saw turtles on a beach. We toured an awesome botanical garden and an active Volcano. And one of us got in the water and did some snorkeling.

We did not arrive in Kauii until 10 am on Thursday. This was a bit later of a start compared to other days. I had planned on getting in some more laps on the deck but the deck was closed due to heavy winds as we sailed up to the Island. Instead we went Kayaking and hiking. We kayaked up a river very near the ship. We went up river but it was down wind so the paddling was not too difficult.

20160616_102412 20160616_112924 20160616_113348 20160616_103425

We then hiked another half mile or so to get to a pool with a rope swing.


Then a little farther to a small pretty waterfall. The river and creek on which we were traveling were used for a number of scenes in the movies. We went by a big swing that Harrison Ford used to escape the natives in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The small swing / pool area was in one of the pirates movies..

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For day two of Kauii we tried some tubing.  In Hawaii, hundreds of years ago, the build irrigation canals for their fields. These canals are typically 8 or 10 feet wide and a couple of feet deep. They did not hesitate to dig tunnels to get water where ever it was needed. A few of these canals have been re-purposed as recreational flume rides. The morning was cool and drizzly but once you were wet on your tube a little rain didn’t matter. Some parts were rather sedate (but fun) and other parts where a little more exciting – mile plus tunnels – 2 to 3 foot waterfall drops… heavy downpour….

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